Reports & Research


Content Protection Organisations

Motion Picture Association of America – MPAA
Motion Picture Association International – MPA-I
New Zealand Screen Association – NZSA
Hong Kong International Screen Association – HKISA
Motion Picture Distributors Association India
Japan and International Motion picture Copyright Association – JIMCA
Taiwan International Screen Foundation – TISF
Malaysian Screen Industry – MSI
Creative Content Australia
Nothing Beats The Real Thing – (Creative Content Australia)
Content Cafe – (Creative Content Australia)
Federation Against Copyright Theft – FACT

Industry Contacts

Asia Pacific Screen Academy – APSA
Australian Subscription Television and Radio Association – ASTRA
Motion Picture Distributors Association of Australia – MPDAA
Australian Video Rental Retailers Association – AVRRA
Australian Home Entertainment Distributors Association – AHEDA
Screen Producers Association of Australia – SPAA
Australian Writers Guild – AWG
Australian Directors Guild – ADG
Independent Cinemas Association of Australia – ICAA
Music Rights Australia
Business Software Alliance – BSA
Australian Copyright Council
Interactive Games & Entertainment Association – IGEA
Trade Mark Investigation Services – TMIS
Amalgamated Movies
Roadshow Public Performance Licensing

Government Organisations

Australian Communications and Media Authority
Attorney General’s Department
Australasian Legal Information Institute
ComLaw, the Commonwealth of Australia Law
The Classification Board
Screen Australia
Screen NSW
Screen Queensland
Screen West
South Australian Film Corporation
Film Victoria
Screen Tasmania

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